Life’s a Beach

I’ve always been told that life is beautiful, that it’s worth living. IMG_6767.JPG

So, naturally I tend to focus on the brighter parts of life, even during dark times. It’s what I’ve been taught and what I think is important. BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand life’s a bitch… I mean beach.

Fun Fact: 

I’m only 21, yet I feel like I’ve experienced enough heartbreak, joy, sadness, excitement, adventure and devastation to last me a lifetime.

I’ve seen a solid portion of the world and tried new things. I’ve had my breath taken away by beauty and pain. I’ve seen mountains covered in snow in July and I’ve experienced excruciating humidity at 3 a.m. I’ve got fairytale love stories and nightmare breakups. I’ve received those movie scene phone calls where your heart sinks to your stomach, anchored with pain. And I’ve received those movie scene phone calls where you jump, up and down, like a giddy 6-year-old when your best friend says she’s getting married.

So What I’m Getting At

Is that no matter how much shit I’ve went through, I’ve always found a reason to keep going and look at the positives in life. Because if I just focus on how crappy life can be I’ll never see the beauty in it and enjoy my life, (wise words of my mother). Before my mom passed she told me that I had to keep moving forward with my life and to keep living it. That she was proud of me for what I had already accomplished and for the person I was becoming. Hopefully I can keep continue to be that person she raised me to be.

Guys, It’s Okay…

It’s okay to have pity parties and to think the world is a shitty place. Because at times, it really is. But after those 5 minutes of self pity are up I want you to rethink what life is. Life is one big ball of experience. If you never experience the bad, you wouldn’t understand what the good is and you probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

We’ve all had those moments where you just take a second to take a breath in and think that in that moment, I am truly happy. And that’s what you need to live for. Whether it’s climbing the highest mountains and reaching the peak just in time to watch a sunset of a thousand shades of oranges, reds and yellows tell the world goodbye. Or it’s being with someone you care about and having that tilt-your-head-back kind of laugh. Look forward to those moments, especially during tough times. 

Life Will Throw You Curve Balls

So when life is throwing you curve balls, remember to embrace them. Swing that bat and keep your eye on the ball (the ball being life for all you non sports lovers). Let the shitty parts pass and then take away something positive from it. I’m a firm believer that every bad experience prepares you for your future. Whether you’re going to help yourself, someone you love or a stranger, you’re going to be able to help that person who happens to stumble upon your doorstep. They’re going to look at you and be grateful that you have comfort that someone else couldn’t offer. And you’re going to sit there and think, “damn, I’m actually glad I could help them.”

Just be happy people. Life is too damn short to just fret over the bad and forget about the good. Smile often and laugh daily. It’ll lead to a healthier life, right? 




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